What Is An Overbite

What Is An Overbite

What Is An Overbite

Overbite is a jaw problem. This problem can be caused by asymmetrical growth of the jaw, which causes the maxillary teeth to cover the mandibular teeth.
Overbite is the vertical protrusion of the upper teeth on the front teeth.

If the upper teeth protrude in childhood, the chances of breaking teeth in adulthood increase because they have a valuable position.

If the vertical position of the teeth is incorrect, it will lead to thinning of the teeth over time and may cause the teeth to break.

If it is treated in childhood, the fractures of the front teeth can be prevented in adulthood.
Overbite treatments can be started from the age of 8.

At this age, orthodontic treatment can be done to prevent the loss of front teeth in adulthood.

What Is An Overbite
What Is An Overbite
If you need both orthodontics and dental implants, it is usually recommended that braces be placed first. Because once an implant is placed, it can no longer move like a normal tooth. The implant is fixed to the jaw and there is no ligament that moves the tooth

Deep Overbite Bite & Braces

We’re going to discuss the causes of these Overbites; One is that your upper teeth have over erupted over your lower teeth, and that causes a Deepbite because it overlaps your lower teeth.

Now let’s talk about why a Deepbite is a bad thing; if you have a Deepbite 2 kinds of things could happen.

One is that can impale on your packet and cut off the gum side of your upper teeth! Another thing that the Deep Overbite can cause is it can lock that lower job back and what this could do is a lot of tension and strain in the T.M. joints which causes a T.M.D or what a lot of people call it T.M.J so this is why our orthodontists recommend a correction of that.

Types of Overbites

There are generally two types of overbites:

  • Vertical overbite

    Vertical overbite occurs when the upper teeth significantly cover the lower teeth.

  • Horizontal overbite

    This type of overbite occurs when the upper teeth are in front of the lower teeth.

What Is An Overbite

Overbite V.S Overjet

Today we’re going to discuss the difference between Overbite and Overjet. As you all know, there is a distant difference between what an Overbite is and what an Overjet is.

It is how much your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth. If you have an Overbite, it also means that you have a Deep bite.

Overjet is how far forward your upper teeth are from your lower teeth. We have a negative Overjet that is the same as an Underbite.

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How Do BRACES FIX Overbites?

Today we’re discussing Four ways that orthodontics fix Overbites.

  • For Mild Overbite a combination of braces and elastics were used to fix the bite by connecting a rubber band to a direction over time the top teeth will be pulled back and, the bottom teeth will move forward.
  • The 2nd type of Overbite is Moderate/Severe that is specifically in children.
    We fix bite correction using a Herbst appliance; essentially, this appliance is cemented onto the teeth and, it works by posturing the patient’s lower aw into a more forward position.
    When the jaw is held in this forward position, the teeth will begin to move in this direction and, as the child grows, their jaws will move in a more forward position.
  • The 3rd type of Overbite Moderate is in adults or teenagers that can’t be fixed by the 2nd solution.
    For these patients, we recommend an appliance named Forces Springs, and Forces Springs are usually placed after about a year of braces this appliance works very similarly to elastics but is usually more reliable and can get more Overbite correction.
  • The last and 4th Overbite is Severe.
    In Severe, cases, the top teeth are very Protrusive and are sticking too far forward. For this, we need to take out Two teeth on the upper arch and, then closing the space with braces can fix a Severe Overbite and help reduce the Protrusion of the front teeth.
    And these are Four types of how Overbites are fixed and, there are lots of other different methods and appliances used
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Symptoms of Overbite

If you have the following symptoms, your teeth may have a same problem:

  • Difficulty speaking
  • Difficulty chewing and eating
  • Gum damage
  • Jaw pain
  • Headache
  • Breathe through the mouth
  • Tooth wear
  • Beauty problem
  • Teeth grinding

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