Sports Drinks and Oral Health

Sports Drinks and Oral Health

In the case of sports drinks, scientists found that there is a much higher incidence of tooth decay and dental issues in elite athletes versus the general population and this is Interesting that the study was done in Europe. They asked the athletes kind of their home care regimen, how many times they brushed and flossed and visit the dentist, and despite the athletes reporting that they brushed twice a day have a high incidence of flossing I believe over half at floss which is good to get over half of the population of floss and visit their dentist regularly every six months at the very least despite all of that they as a whole had a lot more dental diseases than the regular population and when this studies started looking into it it does make sense.

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It’s something that I think is important to know. the general population knows the reason why likely that this is because of the habits that a lot of athletes have and specifically sports and electrolyte drinks things like Gatorade Powerade. For athletes that are marathon runners and things such as the GU the kind of like gummy and carbohydrate snacks that you eat when you’re running long distance runs all of these things are extremely high in sugar almost as much as soda so if you think about how you know you’ve heard that pop and soda is so bad for your teeth, you know Gatorade and Powerade and those types of things kind of fall into that category as well.

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In the case of conical Supernumerators often erupt and are extracted easily tuberculate or inverted chronic conical forms usually require surgical removal. We can use the elevator or the forceps okay or both of them.

Effect of Sports Drinks On Oral Health

I believe that for twelve ounces Gatorade can have as much as 21 grams of sugar and that’s quite a bit that’s like 21 sugar cubes in that one Gatorade and that’s only 12 ounces. a lot of times at sports events people drink like the 16 or 24-ounce bottles as well and the other thing not only are these products high in sugar but they’re also extremely acidic and some you know having acidity levels in the ph of too high to slow threes and anything under 7 are considered acidic but anything 1 2 & 3 is it considered extremely acidic so imagine that combination washing around on your teeth of both the high sugar and high acidity that enamel is wearing away very quickly and that sugar is kind of starting to dissolve that to structure in creating cavities very easily.

That’s just something to be aware of and my biggest tip for that one drink as much water as possible. Only drink those electrolytes sports drinks if they’re truly necessary.

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If you’re doing a lot of sweating and that they’re really necessary for your body drink water before and after consuming something like that and of course brush and floss regularly and well with that said do not brush your floss right after consuming something like this because then you’re just pushing that acid around on your teeth and you’re going to erode the enamel much quicker and much easier brushing right after that so wait for a little while after to brush follow up with some water and then mentally you know just keep in mind that these are high in sugar drinks keep these things to a minimum as best as possible.

What about you? Do you consume high-in-sugar drinks? Leave a comment below.

How soda, sports drinks and energy drinks affect your teeth

Today we want to discuss sodas and other drinks that are harmful to your teeth.

As most people know, regular sodas or pops are very harmful to your teeth because of the large amount of sugar they contain. But did you know that other very common sports and health drinks contain the same, if not more, sugar than these?

It is very important to read labels on any drink you choose to prevent the cavities and gum disease that these drinks can cause. Also, be aware that the cream and sugar you put in your coffee in the morning has the same effect as other high sugar drinks.

A great website to learn more about certain drinks is

While most people know the harm that sugary drinks can cause, many times the diet sodas and energy drinks with high acid are overlooked. The acid that these drinks introduce to your mouth is just as dangerous as the drinks with high sugar.

This is because, just like acid on other surfaces, the acid in these drinks erodes the hard enamel surface of the teeth away. This leaves teeth more prone to cavities and wears over time.

The best drink of choice for the health of your teeth and gums is plain water. But we know this can be difficult for people to stick with. If you’re going to have a soda or sweetened drink, be careful to drink them all in one sitting rather than sipping for a long time. And try to have a drink of water when you’re finished.

This is Laleh Rahmani with Silverhill Dental and we can make you smile!

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the Difference Between Sports Drinks vs. Energy Drinks

there are water sports drinks or electrolyte replacement drinks that could be

the more appropriate term for those and then there are energy drinks the electrolyte replacement drinks are very good to replace electrolytes along with the fluid the old the standard is you can do well with water up to about an hour of sweating beyond that it’s hard

because you’re losing enough sodium in your sweat that you’ll probably need something back like an electrolyte replacement drink

The Perils of Sport Drink for Teeth

You’ve probably heard that sports and energy drinks may not be as healthy as they appear but did you know they could be doing real damage to yournteeth many people consume sports and energy drinks to replenish nutrients they lose during exercise oftentimes what they don’t realize is that this choice comes at a price their oral health that’s because sports and energy drinks contain high levels of acid when acid comes in contact with our teeth it softens and sometimes even dissolves the surface layer of enamel that leaves our teeth more sensitive to decay and this damage is irreversible the good news is that you can protect your teeth by simply drinking water instead, it’s the best choice to refuel after a workout or game but if you must have a sports or energy drink take some precautions don’t nurse it for an extended period drink it in one sitting over a short period and use a straw to keep the beverage away from your teeth importantly do not brush your teeth immediately after having an acidic drink the enamel is still too soft and you might cause further damage to what remains instead, rinse your mouth with plain water making the right choices for your teeth will help you enjoy good oral health for a lifetime and that’s something to smile about for more.

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