The first step towards getting a dental implant for yourself or several dental implants based on what you think your needs are the first step is an implant consultation that we provide in our clinic. What do we do on that first implant consultation? We’re going to go through a step-by-step. You can kind of know what to expect the first thing that we do when you come into our office for any of our exams is that you can fill out your medical history. Some people are not sure why we need to know about your physical health. We are talking about whole-body health and the reason that that is so important for us to know before we do any dental implants or any kind of dental procedures is we were sometimes you are not aware of how those things may interact there are a few key things that I look for when we’re talking about dental implant surgery and if you are ready to do that one of those things is if you’ve ever had any prosthetics or joint replacement so if you’ve had your knee replaced or your hip replaced or especially. If you’ve had heart surgery that involves a valve replacement on mainly a prosthetic valve. we want to know that and the reason we want to know that is that we will give you antibiotics before the dental appointment to prevent any kind of bacteria from your mouth to travel into your body now that’s true of any dental procedure and what we call pre medicating with antibiotics.
Implant Consultation

We want to know things like that we want to know if you’ve ever had a heart attack a stroke. We want to know if you’ve had any major surgery for hospitalizations. We like to know if you’re taking any medications that may interact with the medications. We’re going to give you a dental implant surgery for example or complicate the implant surgery, for example, some people take blood thinners and when they take blood thinners like warfare in those sorts of things it will make you bleed a little bit more now.
We should take a vacation from your blood thinner or a baby aspirin that you may take daily. All of those medical history things whether you think are relevant or irrelevant we like to know and then we go over those things with you.

Implant Consultation 2
If you’re interested in coming to our dental clinic and finding out if dental implants are right for you and how that would work in your situation, we do offer consultations.

Dental Implant Consultation

The next step in the dental implant consultation is having your x-rays taken.
You would tell the dental assistant what area you are considered getting a dental implant in is it an area that is empty and you’d like a tooth there or is it an area that you have a suit that’s broken down or is no longer good and we want to take it out and put it implies there so what they will do is they will take individual life x-ray.
we call it a periapical of the area and then we also take what we call a CT or cone-beam or 3d x-ray and that is the most important part in terms of our and we’ll show you what those things look like but it’s a three-dimensional view of your head or your jaw and we can plan ahead of time where the implant is going to go, what size we should choose if we have any major structures in the area. That will make it difficult or easier for your sinuses or your nerves and we can see all of that in your 3d and we always get patients who are so impressed by seeing themselves in three dimensions. They’ll have to take a picture of it and we don’t mind at all.

The third step in having a dental implant consultation is meeting with DR. Laleh so in our clinic we do most if not all of the dental implants and when we meet with you we talk to you about your needs and your concerns and also we talk about what sites were thinking of putting the implants in and we just kind of strategize and plans some people want braces before they have their implants or after they have their implants. Some people have special events coming up and they want to make sure that they’re in a great process some people are concerned about how much it’s going to hurt and all those sorts of things so we all do we just have a talk and we just talk about where the implants going to go and we start to strategize as far as what we’re going to need to get you a dental implant. In addition, we talked about any concerns that you have and we’re talking about again if you’re scared if we need to give you something to relax you before the procedure and we talked a lot about that whether it’s a pill whether it’s laughing gas whether you’re going to bring music to listen to how much time it’s going to take.
We discuss all of those sorts of things and that’s pretty much it a lot of that is really for us.

implant procedure

Dental Insurance

We don’t need that much information besides your x-rays and seeing inside of your mouth because we do look inside of your mouth to do a clinical exam but is trying to make you feel comfortable we want you to feel confident the procedure that you’re choosing the right thing to do and it’s a trust-building that we are getting to know each other and then you know that we’re going to do the best for you the next step in your dental implant. Implant  consultation probably causes a lot more fear than we do and that’s talking about the financial part you’re going to meet what we call in our clinic our treatment plan coordinator and our treatment plan coordinator is going to go through your insurance benefits. They also go through what your co-payments would be and if you don’t have dental insurance we also go over any cost even with insurance, not insurance we always talk about how to break down your payments into something affordable for you. It’s so important for you to have your dental work done and we don’t want finances to get in the way of that and we have excellent people who work with people every day to make their dental dreams a reality so we’re going to talk about that and that’s the next step once you have loaded that you’d like to have a dental implant placement.

Implant Consultation

Preoperative Instructions

The next thing that we do is we talk about your preoperative instructions. That’s all the do’s and don’ts of before the procedure and we give you a little preview of the actor. One of those things that we discuss is what antibiotics we will be taking before the procedure. Sometimes, depending on the circumstance we’ll put you on a 10-day regimen of antibiotics before the procedure will just say you’re going to take for one hour before as a preventative measure. Sometimes we give you something for anxiety may be an advantage. maybe something else just to take the edge off we talk about whether or not somebody should drive you to the procedure, how long it’s going to take when they should pick you up, we talk a lot about those kinds of preoperative instructions. We also give you a mouth rinse and the mouth rinse is for cleansing the area before and after the implant and we also talked about when to use those mouth rinses. We talked about if we should eat before; which is always a great idea to eat before because you will have dental anesthesia and when you have dental anesthesia. It’s not the most fun to eat after; even though we encourage you to eat something after just a coach your summer before taking all those medications. We give all of those to you in written form so that you can remember all the dos and don’ts of what you should do before your dental implant.

Plan for the Worst

The last step in your dental implant consultation is scheduling now timing is so important.
We always believe that you should kind of plan for the worst and hope for the best and we know that’s a little negative sounding but we mostly encourage our patients to do things to wear. At the end of their workweek, we have people who work on the weekend so Friday does not make the most sense. Maybe Monday is the best because they have Tuesday and Wednesday off. If you have the weekend off maybe Friday or Thursday is the best day to do it. We will say that even though we encourage you to have time off of work or time off from school or do it at a time that’s convenient for you. Most of the times people don’t need it we would say if you take the time off and your life what am we doing at when doing nothing go to the movies have a great time but you want to plan to take care of yourself time is the best healer. Rest is the best medicine. We always say that because it’s just really hanging out do nothing. It’s nice having it used to take care of yourself, eat your foods and just relax but when you try to do too much an activity like exercise you take away the blood and the nourishment that should be going to with that area for healing and diverted elsewhere. It’s so important to schedule that at a convenient time. You don’t want to do before a vacation or a wedding or something really important that you want to feel like your best self a lot of times it’s not the pain medication. We’re sorry a lot of times it’s not the pain that causes you to be so uncomfortable sometimes the pain medication just makes you feel drowsy and mouthy. you wanted a time that accordingly.

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