Diagnosing and Treating Open Bites

Diagnosing and Treating Open Bites


The open bite causes many problems for individuals, including reduced facial beauty, difficulty chewing and nutritional and digestive problems, premature tooth loss, and jaw dysfunction.

  • Decreased beauty:
    The most characteristic of the effects is the irregularity and disorder of the teeth and the disruption of the person’s smile design. This will reduce the patient’s self-esteem.
  • Chewing problems and nutritional and digestive problems:
    It can also lead to eating problems. One of the most common problems that this kind of patient faces is biting food.
  • Speech problems:
    Open bites can cause a person to speak in the language of the tip and not be able to pronounce some letters well.
  • Tooth erosion:
    When an open bite persists for many years and is not treated, it can cause severe wear and tear on the posterior and irregular teeth, and gum problems.
  • TMJ problem:
    More severe cases of open bite put a lot of pressure on the jaws, which will lead to frequent headaches and increased general sensitivity of the teeth.
  • Other problems:
    Because the mouth is not completely closed, the person can breathe through the mouth and, this can cause problems such as sore throat, tooth decay, and gingivitis.
Open Bite
Open Bite
We recommend an appliance for the child if they are sucking their thumb. Can be put in place and, after two or three months, it will erupt and get set to the usual place. If the open bite gets to preteen, teen, adult much much more orthodontic treatment is required.

What Is An Open Bite?

When the top teeth don’t overlap the bottom teeth and, your tongue is in that space that your teeth are placed. It will always prevent the teeth from coming down and coming together properly. The result is that you can’t tear food correctly or, it can also create some speech problems.

Types of Open Bite

  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Severe

How Do Braces Fix it?

Today we are going to discuss how can braces fix it. The first type we are going to discuss is a Mild Open bite do for this type of open bite a combination of braces and elastics are used to help bring the top teeth down and bring the bottom teeth up. The next type of open bite we are going to discuss is a Moderate Open bite that the teeth that are overcrowded and protrusive, for this type we recommend that we extract two permanent teeth on the upper arch and lower arch as well. The last type we’ll discuss is a Severe Open bite that may be too severe to be fixed with braces. Also TADS a type of orthodontic mini-screws may be recommended to be combined with braces.

Open Bite

Amazing Class III Open Bite

Class III can be solved with surgery but it’s very difficult to fix! There’s also a huge gap between the teeth and, after nine months of braces and tx you need to do another surgery but it’s mostly fixed and after 22 months of braces and tx treatment, the teeth will get corrected and start to return to their normal form.

Closing Anterior with Box Elastics and Braces

  • Mild:
  • After 12 months of braces and nine appointments, it will be solved without any extractions.
  • Moderate:
    This type of overbite can be solved after 14 months of braces with 11 appointments and with mini-screws and sometimes extraction might be needed.
  • Severe:
    it needs from 16 to 22 months of braces with 18 appointments and mini-screws and, one extraction is necessary.

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