Kids Dentistry in Etobicoke

Kids Dentistry in Etobicoke

We want kids to have a good experience in the dental office.
And one of the main reasons we like them early is to prevent disease and teach them that going to the dentist is fun.

We promote oral health and having fun days at the Silverhill dental Clinic for kids dentistry.

At Silverhill dental Clinic, parents find a warm and welcoming place where children come first.
So when parents come here, they must know we care about children.
We want what’s best for them.

We want it to be a good experience.
We would like them never to get a cavity, period.

It’s not a place to be scared of.
It’s a place to have good people care for you and your teeth.

Kids Dentistry in Etobicoke
Kids Dentistry in Etobicoke

Silverhill dental Clinic began as a vision, and now it’s working in real life. And our vision is to promote the best oral health possible for all children.

Kids Dentistry Services

Early childhood oral health is essential.
We always say that the first dental visit before the first birthday is the most critical dental visit of one’s life.

We’ll take a look right at the back of those teeth.
We have nothing to be afraid of because it’s not scary.
The center serves children from every segment of our population, including those with special needs.

We see it as a critical part of our role of care for the underserved and patients with special health care needs.
Children receive extraordinary support and treatment tailored to their individual needs.

Every child with autism is different. And so we try to make some supportive accommodations to help them get through the dental visit.
The care that we do for children with special needs is just one thing that we do.

We also do complex dental treatment for children with dental anxiety, a significant amount of sedation, general anesthesia, and orthodontic treatment.

We are instilling a message of hope and improved health. We feel like we provide a great safety net for these patients.
And there’s almost no service that we don’t provide here.

At the Silverhill dental Clinic for kids Dentistry, dedicated dental providers work together with one goal– excellent oral health for every child who comes through these doors.

That’s our job to be able to get a child to come in, enjoy the dental experience, and become a lifelong dental patient.

Kids Dentistry in Etobicoke

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentists are dedicated to children’s oral health from infancy through adolescence.
They have the experience and qualifications to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth throughout childhood.

For all kids, the earlier, the better if we can get them in before they have tooth decay.
Then it’s not a traumatic experience.
The recommendation is within six months of the first tooth showing up, we want to see these kids, and these visits are easy.

They introduce the child to this environment, and all we do is take a look at the teeth, take a look at the tissues surrounding those teeth, take a look at the oral environment, and then we talk with the parent.
Those first few visits are for educating parents and ensuring the child is healthy and has a clean mouth.

First and foremost, we want to ensure that the correct teeth are coming into the right places. Often, parents don’t realize that their kids can have extra teeth or be missing some teeth and if we can spot that early.
We can prepare the parents for what they’ll expect as the rest of the teeth come in.
We want to ensure that the kids get brushed teeth.

We can tell pretty quickly if kids have a plaque on their teeth for too long, and we can discuss what is being done to keep those kids’ mouths clean and what may need to change.
Oral health is all about baby steps. Daily care cleaning those teeth is the easiest, but the most important thing we can do is ensure that a low amount of bacteria sitting on those teeth will help them stay healthy longer.

So we talk with the parents about ensuring they are on a good schedule with their kids and that they don’t have a bottle too often, especially with those six through one-year-old kids if they have it every half an hour.

They’re getting too much sugar in their mouth; we will see those kids with completely bombed-out baby teeth by the age of two and a half, so waiting until three and four years old might be too late for some of these kids.

Kids Dentistry in Etobicoke

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

We want to talk a little about what a pediatric dentist is.
So, there are some misconceptions in the community because many parents went to see their parent’s dentists whenever they were growing up, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But, we want to explain what a pediatric dentist is and what makes a pediatric dentist unique.
The first thing is after dental school, they did two additional years of residency, which means they only worked with medically complex kids who have had a lot of cavities and learned how to restore a mouth completely.
That also means you have a little more experience in a hospital setting.

All right, so something to expect when you go to the pediatric dentist or general dentist is talking and learning about caring for your child’s teeth.

A couple of things that seem to surprise people are:

  • One, cavities are not genetic, but they can be contagious, so it’s essential to ensure that you don’t share spoons or kisses on the mouth if you have a lot of cavities.
    The best thing you can do to prevent cavities for your child is to ensure you have a healthy mouth.
  • Another thing we’ll talk about is diet and the importance of making sure the last thing that touches your child’s mouth and your mouth at nighttime is a toothbrush.

Regardless of who you choose to take care of your family’s smile, whether a general dentist or a pediatric dentist, what matters is that you’re comfortable that this person can take care of you and your family for a lifetime of smiles.

Kids Dentistry in Etobicoke

How to Prepare Your Kids for Their First Dentist Appointment

Nobody likes going to the dentist. Trust us, we know.
And we all remember how much we hated it as kids!
But there are a few simple tricks to making the visits as painless as possible. The biggest one is to just stay positive!
Kids tend to take emotional cues from their parents, so staying calm and relaxed is a great way to let them know there’s nothing to be afraid of.
It also helps to make an appointment early in the day – a well-rested child is cooperative! Read on to learn how to prepare your child for their first visit to the dentist.

  • Get Excited About Dentistry
  • Read Kids’ Books About Going to the Dentist
  • Let Your Child Play Dentist At Home
  • Bring a Comfort Item to the Appointment

There’s no easier way to give your child the confidence of a beautiful smile than through regular dental visits and cleaning. Your child’s health is our highest priority here at Silverhill Dental Clinic in Etobicoke, so give us a call today at 416-234-8060 to set up your appointment!

Kids Dentistry in Etobicoke

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