We’d like to give you some implant diet guidelines to help you remain healthy following your dental implant surgery.
The dental implants that we just placed in your mouth are not stable. It will take time for them to heal and integrate into your jawbone. If the implants move, they will likely fail.

You Must Follow Our Food Recommendations

  • Eat soft foods.
    If you apply too much pressure by chewing something hard, you will cause the implant to move and ultimately fail.
  • Drink lots of cold water after your dental implant surgery.
    Do not swish the water in your mouth gently tip your head back and forth so as not to disturb the clot formation, eat cold foods starting.
  • Please only eat cold foods for the first 24 hours.
    Both food and drinks should be cold.
    Food should be soft like pudding ice cream and, after 24 hours has passed, you can start to introduce warm foods and drinks.
    You can go back to warm foods in 14 days.
    Following your dental implant surgery food recommendations for the day after dental implant surgery.
Implant Diet
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What is a dental implant
If you have any questions about dental implant or have a specific need feel free to call Silverhill dental directly to speak with your patient coordinator. We’re here to give you a beautiful smile so, please do your part to keep your new smile beautiful and healthy.

Implant Diet

We advise drinking diluted fruit juices three to five times a day.
These should be cold or at room temperature; you can blend them with a complete meal powder.
Avoid spicy foods, chips and popcorn. Also, avoid carbonated beverages like acidic drinks like orange juice for the first 14 days after surgery.

After three days, continue to eat soft and mashed fruit and vegetables.
You know, such as bananas, velvety avocados, M’Lynn or other mashed melons and soft fruits.

You can also opt for vegetables, like cooked mashed or pureed beans, peas, and lentils with rice and plenty of steamed or sauteed leafy green vegetables like spinach, fruit smoothies with fruit juice, banana mango and a few
leaves of romaine lettuce are also okay; not all fruits are acceptable.

Smoothies made with soft berries like strawberries or blackberries are not advisable.
Because they contain tiny seeds that can be trapped in the post-operative area and interfere with the healing process, do not use straws at all.
Continue to eat soft foods for the first 14 days.

Following your dental implant surgery, do not chew anything that you cannot pinch through easily with your fingers.
If you can’t squeeze through it, you shouldn’t be eating it now.
This is ideal if you have a blender to blend your foods well.

You do need to make sure that you’re getting the proper nutrition two for your implant diet:

  1. You do need to make sure that you’re getting the proper nutrition two.
    Cannot live on ice cream alone the blender is a great option for getting all those fruits and veggies now.
    Patients that eat hard foods too quickly following your dental implant surgery can risk losing their implants.
    No smoking may seem obvious to you but, you should not smoke.
    Following your dental implant surgery, it is best to discontinue smoking for as long as possible.
    After your surgery and, if you can quit smoking, this is the best at a minimum patients should refrain.
    From smoking for the first 14 days following dental implant surgery, our team will provide you with a short grocery list.
  2. Two of the items to have on hand to eat after your dental implant surgery.
    While you’re recovering, use this as a guideline.
    When shopping for items at the store, Silverhill Dental offers a lifetime guarantee on our dental implants.
    But every patient must do their part to ensure the success of the surgery and post-surgery care and healing.
Healthy Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth

What to Eat After Dental Implant Surgery?

Implant surgery is a simple procedure just like tooth removal so Eat any nourishing food that can be taken with comfort.
Limit your implant diet to very soft and healthy food and gradually increase it to a solid.

After three to four days for implant diet do not take any hot, hard, and, spicy food for a couple of days and do not use any straw for drinking you.

Healthy Foods and Drinks for Your Teeth

Best Food After Dental Implant Surgery

Now when you do a single implant in one corner of the mouth the lifestyle of the patient doesn’t change much but then we do for instance a fridge or you do four or five implants you think this patient is going to be on a normal diet.

After that can they be on a normal diet?
so we need to give them nutritional advice on what they can take that also is nutritious enough for the healing, maintaining good nutrition.
What are the factors that are important for wound healing in the mouth?

Vitamin c is excellent.
Vitamin C a factor that is important for maintaining health. Now typically people go on to things that are softer like, rice mashed potato.

Are they nutritious at all?
No, so if someone goes on rice potatoes mashed and rice to the mashed potato and rice diet following oral surgery how long does it take for this lack of nutrition to get reflected in the mouth in 14 days?
It takes about 14.
It becomes more important when you have a slight complication if it’s a straightforward case and in a week time patient has healed, no problem but the week time comes back the healing is not proceeding properly we have to resuture anything that’s going to take it beyond 10 days.

We would say then nutritional advice becomes extremely important.
When you’re doing a full mouth case for all month they may not be able to eat properly so nutritional advice becomes very important so you tell them yet at least each day we have two fresh oranges squeezed orange juice and things that have calcium, protein.
Yogurt is a very good thing following surgery because it has probiotics also they’re usually taking antibiotics so you want to put some good bacteria in there. Its yogurt, milk, vitamin c and, eggs are very good.
They’re soft half-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs.

These items don’t require chewing and also does give them enough nutrition ensure is a good thing to ask them to buy to take and most people harm precision protein shake ensure specifically on well but see if they say pill vitamin C feels I have no scientific reasoning for this but vitamin c pills are not as effective as freshly squeezed oranges for some reason.

They’re probably so many other things in it that you still don’t know so, the patients who would take orange juice usually have better hearing than people.
We’re taking a thousand milligrams whatever pills so, orange juice is better.

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