How Do I Choose Dental Floss?

How Do I Choose Dental Floss?

Certainly, oral health is very important and has a great impact on our quality of life.
We know the connection between oral health and overall health. Many oral hygiene devices are designed, one of which is dental floss.

As we all know, flossing is used to remove food from between teeth and areas that the toothbrush cannot clean, and We know that food left between the teeth causes many oral diseases and as a result, tooth decay

Therefore, flossing is recommended to prevent oral diseases. Using it after lunch and before arriving home and before using the toothbrush can make you feel good.
Despite all these positive features, many times people do not use it due to the difficulty of using it and not knowing how to use it properly.

The Characteristics of Good Dental Floss
The Characteristics of Good Dental Floss

Choosing the best dental floss may be difficult for you. 
Dentists believe that it does not matter what type of dental floss you select if you use dental floss once a day.

Characteristics of Good Dental Floss

The characteristics of good dental floss is based on the material and thickness of the floss and the distance between the teeth.

Choosing dental floss should not be too difficult. You may have just started flossing or want to go back to flossing daily as part of your oral care.
But no matter what reason you have for flossing, the best floss for you must be the floss that you use every day choosing dental floss should not be too difficult.

You may have just started flossing or want to go back to flossing daily as part of your oral care. But no matter what reason you have for flossing, the best floss for you must be the floss that you use every day.

The results of a study showed that there was no difference in the ability of plaque between four different types of dental floss products. All four products showed significant ability to remove dental plaque compared to when brushing alone was used.

What Is The Best Time of Day to Floss?

Flossing is effective both after and before brushing, and each has its benefits.
If you floss before brushing, the food left between the teeth will disappear and it will be easier to brush, and if you use it after brushing, the plaque between the teeth will disappear.
And this is very effective in keeping your teeth healthy.

Brushing is done several times a day. Flossing once a day is enough.
Many people prefer to floss at night to get rid of the food they eat during the day and stop the growth of bacteria. And also remove dental plaque.

The Characteristics of Good Dental Floss

Type of Dental Floss

  • Unwaxed floss: This model is very suitable for glued teeth, but there is a possibility of tearing.
  • Waxed floss: This model is made of nylon yarn with a wax coating.
    The waxed model is less likely to tear, but it may be a problem to use on stuck teeth and in tight areas.
  • Dental Tape: This model is thicker and taller than other models and is produced in types with and without wax.
    Dental is widely used in people with large gaps between their teeth.
  • PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene is the same material used in high-tech Gore-Tex fabrics.
    This material moves easily between the teeth, slips and tears less than normal types.
  • Super flosses: This model is made of yarn-like material that has harder sections at each end that can be used to clean around orthodontics.
  • Flavoured dental floss: The types of models mentioned above can be flavoured.
    If your kids are not interested in using it, a strawberry-flavoured floss will probably make them interested in using it.
  • Electric dental floss: Electric dental floss is another alternative for people who find it difficult to use.
    Electric types have ergonomic handles, and some have angled heads that make it easier to clean the back of the teeth.
    Electrical types also improve oral health by gently stimulating the gums.
    But small children, older adults, or anyone who shakes his hand and has no control over it should not use the electric model alone and without supervision.
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Replacement Dental Floss

Some people have trouble flossing the teeth behind their mouths.
Dental Floss Picks make flossing easier because you only need one hand to hold the floss.
Dental Floss Picks may not be as effective as regular flossing because the angles you can floss are limited.

On the other hand, using them can make it easier to access the back of the mouth, which is normally very difficult to access when holding a floss with both hands, especially if your mouth is too small to open.

Dental Floss for Orthodontic

Some people think that orthodontic flossing is impossible because of the brackets, but keep in mind that flossing is especially recommended by experts these days.

Brackets on the teeth prevent brushing in the places between the two teeth.
In this case, flossing in orthodontics is one of the most difficult measures that some people completely avoid due to its difficulty.
Keep in mind that if oral hygiene is not fully observed during orthodontics, it can lead to tooth decay and infection.

Flossing in orthodontics must follow some basic principles. The best time to floss orthodontics is before bed and after dinner.
During orthodontics, you should pay special attention to oral hygiene and care, because in this case, you can be seriously protected from gum discomfort.
Also, after removing the brackets, the teeth look natural and standard.

The Characteristics of Good Dental Floss

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