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Dental Night Guards

Dental night guards or mouthguards are coverings worn over teeth and often used to protect teeth from injury from teeth grinding and during sports.

Nightguards help prevent tooth grinding, jaw clenching, and removing your tooth enamel. It is a clear custom fit guard worn day or night recommended when you have signs of foreshortened teeth, flat chewing surfaces or chipping. It prevents further enamel loss by acting as a barrier between your top and bottom teeth. This allows you to wear down the nightguard rather than losing your protective layer of tooth enamel.

What is Night Guards?

Clenching or grinding your teeth while you’re asleep is pretty standard among children and adults. But when it starts to cause headaches, tooth or jaw pain, or damage to your teeth, it’s time to talk to your dentist about bruxism. A standard treatment for sleep bruxism is dental night guards. Learn more about sleep bruxism and mouth guards to protect your teeth.

Why is it necessary to use Night Guards?

If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, this habit will cause you problems over time, the most important of which is the wear and tear of your teeth.

The advantages of using Night Guard are:

• Protect teeth against abrasion or cracking

• Reduction of jaw muscle contraction and cramping, which in turn reduces jaw pain and treats temporomandibular joint problems.
Open the airways during the night and thus improve sleep breathing and reduce snoring.

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Is it possible to use a dental guard during orthodontics?

One of the users’ common questions regarding using a mouth guard is whether to use it during the period of orthodontic treatment.

The reason for this is the wiring of the teeth, which causes a disturbance in the placement of the protector on the teeth, and also the fact that during orthodontics, the teeth need to be moved and moved to be in the right place.

Of course, there are situations where, according to the dentist in Etobicoke advice, during severe teeth grinding that disturbs a person’s sleep, loose and soft guards can be used that will not limit the movement of the teeth; they can be used.

Also, the placement of dental wiring on the part of the jaw (or upper teeth or lower teeth) is one of the solutions that the Night Guard can use in the wireless row of the country in consultation with an orthodontist.

Top Tips for the maintenance and use of dental protection

Tooth protectors are widely used; athletes or some people use these devices to protect their teeth from wear for various reasons. But one of the most important points when using mouthguards is to observe health and care matters, which are mentioned in the following section:

  1. Brushing and flossing before using a mouthguard.
  2. Do not chew food as much as possible while using a dental guard
  3. Wash it after each use with cold water, soap or toothpaste
  4. Keeping and taking care of the dental guard in its box
  5. Avoid bending it
  6. Not placing the Night Guard box under direct sunlight to prevent its colour from changing.
  7. Change it on time, especially for growing children, every 12 to 18 months.
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