What Is a Wisdom Tooth and Where Is It Located in the Mouth?

What Is a Wisdom Tooth and Where Is It Located in the Mouth?

Our teeth continue to grow in different stages. The last tooth that completes this process is a tooth called the wisdom tooth.

The wisdom tooth is behind the molar tooth. on either side of the upper and lower jaws, usually grow between the ages of 17 and 25.

Of course, this does not mean that wisdom tooth is fully grown and visible to all people. Wisdom teeth that are not seen are called hidden wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Tooth
Wisdom Tooth pain

What Are the Common Wisdom Tooth Problems?

Many people will never have a problem with their wisdom teeth in their lifetime, but if the wisdom teeth should be extracted at the doctor’s discretion, it is better to do it at a young age because at this age the root of this tooth is not stiff in the jaw and gums and it is easier to pull and it is less painful.

This tooth usually causes problems when it stays below the surface of the gums and instead of growing vertically like other teeth, it continues to grow horizontally. This is possible due to the small size of the jaw and the fact that the tooth has not enough space for it to grow.

Sometimes these teeth can put pressure on the roots of the molar teeth and cause a lot of pain.

Sometimes the wisdom teeth do not come out of the gums completely, which means that they feel pain when chewing food by pressing on the wisdom teeth.

In the case of impacted wisdom tooth, a common problem is that these teeth usually cannot grow properly and affect other teeth.


Types of Wisdom Tooth Growth

Wisdom teeth can usually grow In 4 modes

  • In the direction of the other and angular tooth, which is called the second molars
  • In the direction of the back of the mouth and angled
  • Angled to other teeth
  • Regular and vertical like other teeth
What is Wisdom Tooth

The Right Time to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Another important point is when to extract a wisdom tooth after the dentist has determined that the tooth needs to be extracted, based on necessary examinations and usually use of radiographic images.

Note that the timing of wisdom tooth extraction is not the same for everyone.

Many factors are involved in determining the right time. Such as: the severity of pain, the severity of symptoms that are seen following the growth of this tooth in the mouth, including the effect that tooth growth has on other teeth or the investigation of possible infections, controlling or not controlling them with medication and…

In general, dentists believe that if wisdom teeth do not have enough space for their growth, it is better to extract them from the age of 18 onwards.

What are Wisdom Tooth

What Can You Do after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

After the dentist diagnoses wisdom tooth extraction, you should first know that wisdom tooth surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, and in fact, you go home the same day after the surgery.

After the examination and determining the day of surgery, you should ask your dentist about the following to provide the necessary bed for surgery and be sufficiently prepared.

Will you be able to return home alone after the surgery or do you need it?
What diet should you follow? And for how long?
If you are taking medication, do you have an obstacle to continue taking? If yes, when should you stop taking them before and after surgery?
How to do oral hygiene?
If you dressing the surgical site, what should you do to change and remove the dressing?

Recommendations after Wisdom Tooth Surgery

In addition to the dentist’s health advice, there are ways to heal faster and with less pain:

  • Keep your head up for the first 3 days.
  • When you want to sleep, use a number of pillows to raise your head above the body so that the upper part of the body is at an angle of about 45 degrees. This will help the wisdom tooth surgery heal faster.
  • On the first day after anesthesia or surgery, place an ice pack on the part of the cheek near the wound.
  • Never warm this area.
  • Do not let your mouth dry out.
  • If you breathe through your mouth, use a moisturizing mouthwash.
  • Massaging this area will help the wisdom tooth surgery heal faster because the surgeon has opened your mouth completely during the surgery, so you may have pain in the facial muscles and cramps or pain in the jaw muscles.
  • Drink cool coconut water until you can eat soft foods again. Coconut water helps balance blood chemicals and electrolytes and keeps blood sugar steady because you can not eat solid foods.

Observing all these cases will accelerate the recovery of impacted wisdom tooth surgery.

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  2. It was helpful when you said to ask your dentist about your diet and what medications you’re allowed to take. My daughter’s wisdom teeth have started to grow, so I wanted to make sure I knew how to help her with the recovery process so it can be easier for her. I’ll keep these tips in mind once I find a dentist to take her to for wisdom teeth removal surgery.

  3. Thank you for this informative blog post on wisdom teeth and their location in the mouth. As someone who has recently experienced the discomfort and confusion surrounding wisdom teeth, your article provided much-needed clarity.

  4. This informative piece explains the location and common problems associated with wisdom teeth. It also provides helpful tips for post-extraction care, making it a valuable read for those dealing with wisdom tooth issues.

  5. Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, can be quite the topic of interest! Their location at the back of the mouth can sometimes lead to discomfort or dental issues. Learning about their positioning and potential impacts is essential for maintaining oral health.

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