What is a Dental Implant?

What is a Dental Implant?

What is a dental implant? We work passionately to create the youngest smiles for patients who need their natural teeth replaced. Implants are body-compatible metal screws that are surgically inserted into the bone under the gums. Once these screws are in place, they allow the dentist to place the implant cover on them using dentures.

Dental Implant

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Dental implants are made of pure titanium that is compatible with the human body. It is shaped like a thin rod that is inserted into the jawbone. Dental implants are said to be the best replacement for missing teeth today. The remarkable thing about it is that if it is properly maintained after being placed in the jaw, it will have very high durability.

Despite advances in dental care, millions of Iranians suffer from toothache, which is mainly due to tooth decay, periodontal disease or injury. For years, the only treatment options available to people who had lost their teeth were bridges and dentures. But today, dental implants are available. Next, it is better to know what are the types of dental implants? And what are its uses?

Fortunately, dental implants today make it very easy to deal with dental problems. Loss of one or more teeth is a problem that is difficult and even unbearable for many people, but for many reasons, there is a possibility of toothlessness. A problem that until recently had no choice but to use artificial dentures. These teeth did not satisfy the patient due to their appearance and other problems.

Implantology is the result of the latest research and technologies in the world. Placing a dental implant in the jaw is a not-so-difficult treatment that has no side effects. Dental implants play the same role as the main teeth for the patient for the rest of his life. Among the various methods of root canal replacement, dental implants are a complete replacement because they include both the root and the crown of the tooth.

Types of Dental Implants

The first thing that comes to the patient’s mind when he needs an implant is which type of implant is better and sometimes he is surprised by the types of dental implants available in the market.

Delays his treatment. Unaware that most implants are good as long as they are done by a dentist who knows the job. The dentist’s skill in implant treatment is very important and necessary.

1. Intraosseous implants: These are the most popular types of implants that are in the form of a screw that is placed inside the bone.

2. Subperiosteal implants: which are used in cases where severe mandibular bone resorption has been performed and is a structure that is placed on the mandible and under the gums. And then the prosthetic structure is mounted on it.

3. Zygomatic implants: In the analysis of severe maxillary bones, a metal structure is screwed into the cheekbone.

The last two types of implants are not widely used today due to various bone grafting techniques for jaw bone reconstruction.

Dental Implants

Steps of Caring for and Performing Dental Implants

dentis implant

Tooth decay must be checked and removed before the operation.
At least one surgery is required to place the implant in the mouth. In this surgery, also known as a dental implant, an implant is placed in the jawbone.
In a few months after surgery, the titanium pin fuses with the jawbone.
After a while and making sure that the implant and the bone of the tooth are properly integrated, the treating specialist can use the implants as a base and install the dental prosthesis on them.
Before implanting a front tooth, be sure to ask your doctor if this method of tooth replacement is suitable for you or not? First and foremost, make sure the dentist completes the dental implant placement treatment.

Before doing anything, our dentist in Silver Hill Dental explains to the client how to prepare for treatment.
Creating a dental file Before each treatment, you will be given a questionnaire about specific medical conditions, please fill it out completely and accurately, and if there is something important that is not in the questionnaire, be sure to discuss it with your dentist. Its success rate will be high for many people without any special risk by considering and performing all these steps carefully.

Before the operation, the gums need to be examined to ensure their complete health, and any infection or decay in the gums and teeth adjacent to the implant site must be completely treated.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Benefits such as comfort, high strength, practicality, restoring natural chewing ability and excellent beauty, make patients more satisfied than fixed bridges or removable bridges. If the teeth are completely hygienic, these teeth will be permanent (Lifetime).
With implant treatment, other teeth no longer fall victim to the replacement of missing teeth.
The base of the implant is placed inside the bone like the root of a tooth and the jawbone is not degraded by the implant due to support. Therefore, the shape of the face is less subject to changes due to tooth loss.
Dental implants typically have a longer lifespan than other alternative treatments and can be replaced if the implant is lost.

Care After Implant Surgery Useful Tips to Increase the Success Rate of Treatment

  • Do not brush around the operation area for 1 day after implant placement.
  • Rinsing the mouth up to 8 hours after surgery is not recommended.
  • It is best to use mouthwash the day after surgery. The best solution for rinsing the mouth is chlorhexidine 3 times a day.
  • Drinking after surgery is easily possible, but when eating, you should be careful that the anaesthesia has lost its effect.
  • Dental implants, like natural teeth, need care. Because microbial plaques cause gum infection. Therefore, it is recommended to use interdental brushes, floss, toothbrush and preferably implant toothpaste.
  • People who use implants should avoid smoking, drinking coffee and drinking tea for the first three days.
  • In general, the use of cigarettes, drugs and alcohol reduce the success of implant placement.

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