What are Complete Dentures?

What are Complete Dentures?

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are dentures that replace all of the teeth in your mouth. You could have complete dentures on the top arch and a separate complete denture on your lower arch so you could have a set of complete dentures on the upper and lower to replace all the teeth in your mouth.
You can have an immediate denture straight after extraction so you can have a tooth taken out and an immediate denture place straight in.
You may find that over time the gums can change; for example, if you’ve had a tooth taken out then that socket will then heal and the gum will probably scar and recede, as it recedes you’ll probably find that that immediate denture may become loose.
The healing process usually takes around three months so after three months you may then need to return to your dentist to have a permanent denture made to the new outline of your gum.

Complete Dentures
Complete Dentures The Implant Retained Denture

Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing. They can be either conventional or immediate.

How Are Dentures Made?

There are several appointments needed to have a complete denture. Usually, it’s about for the first visit you would come in for some initial impressions and the second visit you would have a wax bite done and some more impressions in a custom-made tray.
The third person would probably be some trials where they have your dentures made in wax so you can try them in and assess the bite and the look of them to make sure that you feel comfortable.
The trying stage is a good stage to make any tweaks to the denture as it’s still made in wax so for example if you feel the bite is incorrect or you don’t like the look or the colour of them this is a really good time to tell your dentist.
The final stage is then when you have the dentures fitted so you would go to your dentist and you would have your trial dentures turned into hard plastic dentures a complete denture is made so that it covers the palate it can stay in place by suction or if you need to you can use a denture fixative. 

make them more comfortable

You can always return to your dentist if you find that any areas are sharp or that are snagging and have those dentures eased or adjusted in those areas to make them more comfortable for you.
Usually, people cannot tell you are wearing your denture they can be well matched to the of your teeth and the shapes of your teeth so people don’t necessarily know that you’re wearing a denture unless you tell them.

Complete Dentures

How Do You Clean Dentures?

For dentures, you must have a normal cleaning and maintenance routine so do you recommend that you take your dentures out that you give them a nice rinse, remove any fixative residue on your dentures, and you leave them in water overnight.
It’s best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush like a denture breast brush to remove any off-bit food particles around the tooth itself. You don’t need to use toothpaste; toothpaste contains fluoride which is good for your natural teeth but plastic teeth don’t need this.
It can sometimes be abrasive and damage the actual dentures so you’re best off just using soap or a denture cleaner.
If you have them you still need a dental checkup.
A dental checkup checks more than just your teeth it also checks all the soft tissues inside your mouth to make sure you don’t have any ulcers, lumps, bumps, or cysts developing in your mouth so it’s important you still go to the dentists and maintain the health of your mouth.

Complete Dentures

What Are The Pros of Having Dentures?

A great pro to having a set of complete dentures is that you are replacing all of the teeth inside your mouth, you’re able to chew, and you’re able to smile again and go out, and socialize.
The concept of wearing complete dentures is that you have none of your teeth sometimes they can slip inside, and you may need fixatives to hold them in place, and as your gums recede with time you may need to replace them.

The Good Side And The Bad Side of Dentures

Dentures have been around for decades, and they are an excellent way to replace a full set of missing teeth.
They’re quite economical they cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to six to eight thousand dollars depending on the type of the material, and also the experience of the dentist technician or prosthesis making them.
There is a lot of difference between the types of acrylics and the brands of teeth that are used to make dentures and also, of course, the experience of the person making the dentures for you will.

Caring for Your Complete Dentures

Also, determine the comfort of the dentures and also the appearance the bad side of dentures is that once we remove teeth the bone will always drink, and you can see in this x-ray.
The rate of shrinkage of the bone varies from person to person, and you can imagine that the dentures are not only to replace the teeth but they’re to also replace the missing gum and the shrunk bone. You can see how much pink acrylic is used to compensate for all of this shrinkage that has happened not only in the gumbo or say in the bone naturally as these dentures get larger they become more difficult to get, and this is the ugly side of dentures is, unfortunately, bone shrinkage takes many years sometimes decades and unfortunately, patients then start getting older, and they can’t tolerate these large dentures move around a lot that rubs a lot.
They get a lot of problems from dentures over some time; the main thing with denture’s that needs to be made very well so that they’re comfortable, and they cause a lot more comfortable and fewer problems to the patient but also if patients are considering having dental implants as in a fixed set of teeth they must be considered very early on before or the bone is lost.

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  1. You may be wondering what complete dentures are, and simply put, they are an ideal solution for patients who are missing their natural teeth. Complete or full dentures completely replace all missing teeth in the upper and/or lower arch of your mouth. They are fitted for either your top or bottom gum line, and are secured in place using suction or with help of an oral adhesive. Getting complete dentures in Calgary is an excellent way to restore your smile, facial structure, and overall confidence and well-being

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