Types of Dentures and False teeth

Types of Dentures and False teeth

There are different types of dentures and also different types of ways to replace teeth in your mouth.
You can either have fixed prosthesis such as crowns and bridges these are glued or fixed inside your mouth and, they are not removable and, you would not be able to remove them even if you wanted to so, once they are in you would keep them in there all the time or, you can have removable prosthesis things like dentures which you must remove every single day to make sure that you keep your mouth healthy and clean so, you have several different ways of replacing teeth in your mouth.
There are different types of dentures available so you can have complete dentures where we’re replacing all of the teeth in your mouth or, you can have partial dentures were replacing some of the teeth in your mouth.
You don’t need to necessarily remove all of your teeth to have dentures so, say if you have two front teeth missing.
We can easily replace that with dentures as well. You can have dentures on both the upper and lower jaw so, often you have some people who’ve got teeth missing on the top jaw and some teeth missing on the lower jaw so, you would need a separate top denture to replace the teeth on the top jaw and a separate lower denture to replace those teeth on the lower jaw.

Type of Dentures
Type of Dentures

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What is Prosthodontics?

Did you ever wonder about specialties in the dental field the area of Dentistry specializing in mouth restorations is prosthodontics a prosthodontist assists with the restoration of natural teeth and replaces missing or removed teeth.
They’re skilled in dental works such as crowns, bridges and dentures.
Patients who have had surgery for oral cancer are often referred to a prosthodontist.
The prosthodontist will restore the portion of the mouth that was removed due to oral cancer.
The main goals are comforted a natural appearance and normal oral function for the patient.
If you need an oral restoration or have any questions on prosthodontics speak with your dentist.

This type of prosthesis can be used to replace one tooth or several teeth and have multiple different designs depending on each case in comparison with other types of dentures.

The six types of dentures include:

Type of Dentures

Flexible Partial Dentures

We’re going to be writing about partial dentures many people are familiar with partials that are made out of chrome and wire and acrylic but, maybe you’d rather have something flexible and thermoplastic so, we’re talking today about flexible partial dentures when several teeth in an arch are missing.
A flexible partial denture is a good treatment for replacing them.
Flexible partials are removable appliances that are held in place by gum-coloured clasps that, fit around the remaining teeth.
The denture is not bulky so it fits comfortably and, the translucent materials blend in with natural tissues for a beautiful smile its proper home care and regular check-ups.
Your flexible partial can provide a functional bite and a natural-looking smile this proper home care and regular check-ups your flexible partial can be functional and natural-looking for years to come.

Types of Dentures

implant supported denture

Removable Partial Denture

One option for replacing missing teeth is the use of a removable partial denture.
They are usually made of metal and resin and use attachments and hooks that rest of the teeth to obtain retention.

traditional dentures
Complete Dentures The Implant Retained Denture

Dentures in Etobicoke

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We will ensure that your dentures are comfortable, stable, and natural-looking, and that they match your facial features, skin tone, and personality.

Silverhill Dental also offers denture implants, which are a permanent and secure solution for replacing missing teeth.
Denture implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into your jawbone and support a denture that snaps onto them.
Denture implants can improve your chewing ability, speech, and self-esteem, and prevent bone loss and facial sagging.
Don’t let missing or unhealthy teeth stop you from smiling and enjoying life.
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