Teeth Whitening with Philips Zoom

Teeth Whitening with Philips Zoom

Teeth Whitening Toronto
Here you will find Teeth Whitening in Toronto in Silverhill Dental Clinic.
Tooth bleaching means brightening the teeth with a special substance for dental bleaching that has different types and concentrations.
Note: Dental restorations, veneers, laminates do not become lighter with bleaching or in other words do not change colour.
Chemicals are used to whiten teeth or bleach, and these substances, called hydrogen peroxide, cause discolouration of the teeth. Bleaching agents penetrate the crystalline structure of the enamel and oxidize the pigments deposited between the enamel pyramids. Over time, bleaching oxidants penetrate the dentin, which is located in the underlying layer of enamel, and its colour becomes lighter. In cases where we need immediate whitening, we use the clinical method.

Professional Teeth Whitening

bleaching teeth
bleaching tooth

Bleaching is harmless and does not damage healthy tooth tissue in any way.
Bleach contains infant oxygen, and when bleach is activated, its infant oxygen penetrates the pigment that penetrates the tooth tissue and separates it.

It should be noted that bleach does not remove any part of the tooth and as a result does not damage the tooth.

Laser Tooth Bleaching

The importance of a beautiful and bright smile is not hidden from anyone; Because a smile is one of the first characteristics that attracts the attention of others. A smile is beautified with pearly, healthy teeth, and such a smile boosts self-confidence and leaves a lasting impression on others. Lifestyle and aging process darkens and stains teeth. Many of our habits, such as drinking coffee, tea, soft drinks and of course smoking, also lead to tooth discoloration. Many dentists use lasers in the field of dentistry. Continuous advances in technology have made lasers one of the most effective and best devices for soft and hard tissue therapies. Today, lasers are widely used in orthodontics and teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is done at Silverhill Dental Clinic using advanced methods and lasers. Our specialists use Philips Zoom lasers, which are the most advanced and least complicated devices for teeth whitening and smile design correction.

In the practice of teeth whitening with a Philips ZOOM laser device, by accepting the cost of laser teeth bleaching, a unique light source is used to accelerate whitening. A 25% solution of hydrogen peroxide is applied to remove stains on teeth and enamel. It is better to whiten teeth with a ZOOM device after scaling. A special gel is applied to the teeth and activated by light. The solution dissolves stains and whitens teeth for 15 minutes. It is recommended to perform three sessions of treatment to achieve optimal results.ll.

Philips Zoom Laser

philips zoom laser

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

We use the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed system in our office. By using this system, we were able to whiten patients’ teeth up to 8 times whiter in 45 minutes, and we are very satisfied with this.

There are several types of orthodontic appliances. Movable and fixed orthodontics helps to change the position of the teeth and jaw. The orthodontic appliance gently puts pressure on the teeth and jaw, creating the desired change over time. The severity of the deformity of the teeth and the age and physiological characteristics of the patient determine which type of orthodontics is better for treatment. It is the orthodontist who determines and performs the orthodontic treatment method at each stage by examining the patient’s condition.

Orthodontics is one of the dental specialties that is used to arrange and align teeth and align jaws. One of the main tasks of orthodontics is the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental malformations. This can be done by fixed or mobile treatments, orthodontics with Brackets of the same colour (ceramic) (composite), or by invisible orthodontics by the lingual system (placing the Brackets behind the teeth) or invisible orthodontics with transparent plaque (Invisalign), Etc. to be done. Fixed orthodontics can be done by Straight, Edgewise, Roth or Damon methods and so on. Also, new techniques such as Mini Screw can be used to treat abnormalities.

Philips Zoom

Suitable People for Teeth Whitening

Everyone deserves to have white and shiny teeth; However, in the event of gum disease or other dental problems, the dentist will decide whether the teeth are bleached according to the appropriate conditions or whether teeth should be whitened after treatment of current problems. It should be noted that teeth whitening Toronto can only be done on natural teeth and dentures, veneers, dental bridges, fillings and veneers or laminates do not react to this action, so teeth whitening, in this case, causes whitening of natural teeth and Failure to change the colour of parts such as the coating, etc., and the colour is uniformly disturbed. If there are white spots (decalcification) on the teeth, this condition attracts more attention after teeth whitening. Therefore, the patient should be informed in the pre-treatment consultation about the cost of teeth whitening and the need to pay for other treatments to replace veneers, veneers and fillings. The cost of teeth whitening Toronto usually varies from person to person. Therefore, the cost can not be accurately estimated.

Although 99% of patients surveyed using the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed experience very little sensitivity, dental allergies are still a potential risk factor for using a variety of teeth whitening Toronto. For this reason, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of ACP soothing agent on the inside and outside of the teeth before treatment. After treatment, ACP sedative is used for 10-30 minutes to reduce sensitivity.

Ensure Low or No Allergies

blue LED Philips Zoom

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Is Bleaching with a Zoom Device Different from Laser Bleaching?

No. The zooming device is a type of laser that has its own materials. And it does not need to rotate in the patient’s mouth but is constant and its frequency gradually increases and gradually decreases, which is the reason for the decrease in tooth sensitivity. But time is the same in both.

What are the Side Effects of Bleaching?

The only complication of dental bleaching is tooth sensitivity, which disappears over a week to a month. There are certain medications to reduce.

What is the Function of Tooth Bleaching and How Does It Cause Teeth Whitening?

The substance used in teeth bleaching is a combination of hydrogen peroxide, ie the same oxygenated water and a series of activators (activators) in different percentages that are added to different brands.

Can Someone Who Has Done Bleaching Use Other Methods as Well?

Yes, it is even possible for someone who has come for laminating, we recommend teeth bleaching to avoid laminating.

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