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What is Fluoride Used For - Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, and Safety

Fluoride Uses

Fluorides are found in a wide range of chemicals that occur both naturally and artificially. Some examples of how fluorides are used include:

  • Hydrofluoric acid – This is one of the most important fluorides in the industry. It is mainly used in the production of fluorocarbons and aluminium fluorides. Hydrofluoric acid can dissolve glass.
  • Fluorides can act as enzyme inhibitors. They are commonly used to inhibit the activity of phosphatases such as serine/threonine phosphatases. Many of the fluoride salts possess this ability. They can inhibit the enzymes through the replacement of the nucleophilic hydroxyl ions presents on the active sites of these enzymes. Beryllium fluoride and aluminium fluoride are phosphatase inhibitors that can imitate the phosphate group and function as analogues of the transition state of the reaction.
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