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Root Canal Therapy Eobicoke / Toronto Silverhill Dental

Root Canal Therapy Etobicoke

Here you will find Root Canal Therapy Etobicoke / Toronto in Silverhill Dental Clinic.

Root canal treatment method

Endodontic treatment requires one or more sessions of treatment

And can be performed by a dentist or endodontist at a dental clinic.

The choice of the type of dentist depends on the type and severity of the root canal problem.

A dental endodontist who specializes in causes, diagnosis,

Prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the dental pulp.

Root canal

The first step in this procedure is to take an X-ray to see the shape of the root canals and determine if there are signs of infection in the surrounding bone.

The dentist or endodontist will use local anesthesia near the tooth.

Anesthesia may not be necessary because the nerve is dead

But most dentists do it to make the patient calmer and more comfortable.

At this stage to keep the area dry during treatment,

Your dentist will place a rubber band (rubber band) around your teeth.

A cavity is then created to access the tooth.

The pulp is removed from the tooth along with the bacteria and associated debris.

This process is done using root canal cleaner files.

Files with different diameters are inserted into the root canal by the dentist, respectively

And drain the entire length of the tooth root canal.

Once the tooth is completely clean, the canals need to be sealed.

Some dentists wait a week for the infection to go away completely

And some may brush their teeth the same day.

If root canal treatment is not completed on the same day,

A temporary dressing is placed in the outer hole of the tooth to prevent infection.

In the next session, to fill the tooth canal,

A sealer paste and a rubber compound called gutta-percha are inserted into the root canal.

And to fill the outer part of the tooth that was created at the beginning of the treatment,

It is filled with amalgam or composite.

In the final stage of tooth restoration

Due to the extensive destruction, the need for extensive filling and sometimes due to the lack of tooth walls and weakening of the tooth

Post & Core or veneer is used.

This prevents the tooth from breaking and restoring the function of the damaged tooth.

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