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Orthodontics etobicoke

Orthodontics etobicoke

Here you will find Orthodontics etobicoke / Toronto in Silverhill Dental Clinic .

Fixed orthodontic appliances

These tools are the most common devices and tools used in orthodontics. Orthodontists use fixed tools to address the problems of misalignment of their clients’ teeth when the accuracy of the procedure and the need to consider the details are on the agenda.

Who should see an orthodontist?

If the jaws and teeth do not grow properly and are not in a normal position, they create a condition called malocclusion. In malocclusion, the teeth become crooked and in an awkward position.

Malocclusion is not a disease and has no effect on physical health. This condition is a change in the natural position of the teeth. However, although this condition is not considered a disease, it can affect the shape of the face and the appearance of the teeth and lead to emotions such as embarrassment, low self-esteem and even depression. Causes of malocclusion often include damage to the teeth or bones of the face or prolonged sucking of the thumb.

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