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Find Out What Fast Food to Eat With braces - Silverhill Dental Clinic

What Fast Food To Eat With Braces?

What are the dos and don’ts of nutrition during orthodontics?

Soft foods and soups should be used. Do not eat sweet, sticky or nutritious foods, nuts, caramel and peanut butter desserts during treatment.

Are fast foods like Kentucky fillets a problem?

It is best to breakfast foods such as Kentucky fillets into small pieces beforehand so that they do not separate orthodontic appliances from the teeth.

Can coloured fruit juices such as cherry juice be eaten during orthodontic treatment?

Yes, you can, but immediately after eating coloured foods, rinse your mouth and teeth and use mouthwash if possible.

Can puffs or adhesives be eaten during orthodontics?

No, you should not use puffs or adhesives during orthodontic treatment.

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