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Composite Resin Fillings - What You Should Know About

What is Composite Resin?

Composite resin fillings are made from glass or quartz filler which has been added to a resin medium.

This mixture produces a material that is tooth-colored that is easy to use for filling cavities.

The invention of composite resin offers a substitute to the amalgam dental fillings dentists once relied on.

The mixture that forms composite resin contains no metal and is easily shaped to mimic a natural tooth. You won’t even be able to tell that the tooth has been filled, and you’ll feel confident about your smile.

For decades, amalgam was the only option for dentists to fill cavities. Patients who wanted a more natural-looking filling had to pay for very expensive cosmetic restorations, like a full dental crown.

Composite resin lets dentists make a cosmetically pleasing filling for dental cavities without using procedures that are as invasive as a crown.

Composite resin has only recently gained popularity, but white fillings were originally introduced to dentistry in the 1960s.

The white composite materials of that decade were not made from quartz or glass fillers and were not very sturdy. In fact, they could not even be used on back teeth because the filling could not withstand chewing pressure.

Early composite fillings had a tendency to wear down easily, which eventually resulted in more tooth decay or breakage, leaving the patient even worse off.

After decades of careful development by scientists, they found the perfect mixture of composite resin that is a safe, effective, and strong filling material.

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