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Braces Etobicoke

Braces Etobicoke

How do Braces Etobicoke align teeth?
The main mechanism in treatment with this orthodontic tool is to apply constant pressure to the teeth in the long run. Over time, as pressure is applied, the teeth move. In the long run, the jawbones also adapt to these changes and pressures.

As you know, part of our teeth is located in the jawbones. So for many people, the question is, basically, how can teeth be moved or repositioned? It is difficult to happen and it is a little difficult to understand.

But it is not bad to know that under your gums, there is a layer that surrounds the root of your tooth in the jawbone. This layer controls the position of your teeth and responds to the pressures applied to your teeth by braces.

Installing and using a brace is painless and takes about one to two hours to install. You may feel slight pain and discomfort for up to a week after installing this tool. That is normal. Each time these tools are checked and adjusted by your orthodontist, you may experience mild to moderate pain for several days.