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Best Material For Dental Veneers

the best material for dental veneers is All-metal cladding.
As its name suggests, all tooth covering parts are made of metal, which can be white or yellow depending on the type of metal in its alloy.

Advantages :

It is the best dental veneer. Because:
  • tooth extraction is much less
  • it does not cause wear on the opposite teeth
  • it has a very high durability.  (because it fits the teeth completely.)


The only drawback is its ugly appearance.
All-metal cladding material:

A pure metal can never be used for veneers, there are always metal alloys used for dental veneers.

Ceramic veneer

All-ceramic veneers are made entirely of porcelain, such as porcelain.


These veneers look much more natural than pfm veneers, which are routine in dental offices, because no metal is used underneath.

There is no metal edge due to the usual pfm coatings

If one is allergic to metal alloys, one can consider these coatings.


The structure of these types of coatings is very weak. Therefore, it is used only in front teeth, which are considered aesthetically pleasing.

zirconium crowns

It is a type of all-ceramic veneer that is reinforced with zirconium frames. It is structurally similar to pfm, except that instead of using metal in the center of the zirconia veneer, the zirconium veneer is used, which is white in colour but has the same strength and Or even more than metal alloys.


Excellent fitness,

High strength anywhere in the mouth.

Restores the beauty of natural teeth,

The blackness of the gingival margin, which is very common in pfm veneers, is not seen.

It can be used in people who have metal allergies

What Is The Best Type Of Dental Veneer?

The best type of coatings are all-metal coatings with precious metals (all-gold coatings) that do not provide beauty. After them, zirconia tooth veneer is at a very high level of quality.

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