When it comes to top-tier orthodontic treatment in Etobicoke, SilverHill Dental is here for you.

Our friendly and professional team are proud to have served the residents of Etobicoke, Toronto and the surrounding area for many years. They look forward to providing the kind of excellent routine or emergency orthodontic treatment your family needs now, so both you and your children can have the smile they deserve in the future.


Dentists and orthodontists are slightly different. While they both graduate from dental school, orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on irregularities of the teeth, and to become an orthodontist means you have to undergo additional training to specialize.

Orthodontic work usually includes treatments that address the straightening of teeth and a variety of bite problems. This work typically involves the use of braces and other corrective measures and processes. Of course, general dentists are also able to provide orthodontic care to patients, but experienced orthodontists are usually more familiar with industry best practices and the latest methods.

At SilverHill Dental in Etobicoke, our experienced orthodontists will customize an approach for you based on your specific needs. Our deep understanding of the latest tools and techniques make us the ideal partners to connect you with the orthodontic services you or your children need, such as metal or ceramic braces, Invisalign, and other orthopedic aligners. Children often require work on their teeth over an extended period of time, and our orthodontists and dentistry professionals are committed to seeing them through the longer-term care they need to maintain the health of the mouth.


To understand orthopedics, one should first understand why they’re needed. To do that, you should start with the termĀ malocclusion. A malocclusion is a misalignment of the teeth. It occurs when the two dental arches approach each other incorrectly as the jaws close.

According to studies, only 20% of malocclusion cases are genetic in children, meaning that 80% of the problems we see are due to environmental factors, such poor tongue position, mouth breathing, allergies, or enlarged tonsils. Because these factors help shape the jaw from birth, it is important to counteract them from as early a point as possible. With the right kind of therapy early-on, the development of a child’s mouth can see great improvements. In fact, the proper application of removable orthodontic appliances can even make more extensive therapy like braces unnecessary!

However, not everyone can access preventative therapy, and so orthodontics traditionally involves the use of braces. These are usually bonded directly to the teeth, and by adjusting the tension in specific ways, braces allow specialists like those at SilverHill Dental in Etobicoke to control the growth of you teeth in a way that will create a beautiful, well-proportioned smile over the long term. Our staff, along with your input, will best decide whether fixed braces, removable retainers or other options are your best choice to maintain the straightness of your teeth.

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