Foods to Avoid While in Braces!

Foods to Avoid While in Braces!

What foods to avoid while in braces treatment?
Harmful foods during orthodontics can damage your or your child’s braces (orthodontic appliances made up of components such as brackets, wires, bandages, and braces).

You need to make changes to your eating habits when you receive orthodontic treatment.

You may need to remove some foods from your snack list altogether.
Many foods can be added to your list of foods with a little preparation.

Why do we need nutritional changes during orthodontics?

Nutritional changes and choosing foods that are compatible with your device can help you complete orthodontic treatment.
This way you will need fewer repairs to repair the damage to your brace.


Which Foods to Avoid with Braces

orthodontics BracesIce
Eating Braces

A careful diet is essential to prevent damage to teeth, gums and braces. Avoid sticky, hard foods that require a lot of chewing for a while and avoid fizzy and sugary drinks, including diet drinks and fresh juices.
It is necessary to clean and brush your teeth two or three times a day with a fluoride toothpaste; Remove the brace when brushing.

Avoid Harmful Foods During Orthodontics to Prevent Teeth from Staining

Drinking or eating coloured foods full of sugar can colour your teeth.
However, the parts protected by the bracket remain colourless.
Therefore, it is better to avoid any coloured or sugary foods or drinks.

Your chewing technique should never change. This is one of the biggest dangers.
Some people eat hard foods with their back teeth instead of cutting them into smaller pieces.
This can make a difference in your chewing technique in the long run, and it’s not good at all.

Change the Chewing Technique

eating soft foods

When the brace is used for the first time, the patient may experience some discomfort and sensitivity in this regard. At this time the patient can only consume soft foods such as soup for a few days. However, the discomfort gradually disappears and the patient can return to normal eating habits.
Eating healthy foods is especially important when you need orthodontic braces. This means avoiding sugary foods that can cause plaque and tooth decay.

Dental braces, also known as orthodontic braces, are devices used in orthodontics to align teeth and help position the teeth in line with the canines, as well as improving dental health.

Why Should Some Foods be Avoided During Orthodontic Brace Treatment?

The orthodontist advises you to be careful with your eating habits when using braces and to always follow the care tips during the treatment process. Your brace has brackets, straps and wires, all of which can be damaged by eating certain foods. Eating unconventional foods during this period can lead to serious damage to the braces, which can disrupt and slow down the process of aligning and straightening your teeth.

In addition to foods to avoid while in braces to the possibility of damage to the braces, eating certain foods can cause tooth decay. This can affect the overall health of your mouth and teeth. When you have a brace, more food particles stick to your teeth than any other position. And of course, it will be harder to separate. If you do not brush or rinse your mouth immediately after eating, your teeth will change colour in addition to decay.

These particles can cause plaque and tartar, making it difficult for the teeth to scale and whiten after removing braces.

Suitable food for orthodontics

What Kind of Food Should We Eat When Using Orthodontic Braces?

Some of the foods you can eat during this period:

  • Boneless meat
    When using the brace, under no circumstances you should eat meat around bones such as ribs and wings because it is dangerous. Eat meat only if:
    Be fully cooked
    Be fragmented
    Chew easily and in a short time

  • Pasta, potatoes and some bread
    Do you love carbs? Eating a variety of pasta, potatoes and bread while having braces is safe and will not cause you much trouble.

  • Soft plant foods

    You can not eat raw vegetables. Instead, you can boil or cook harder vegetables such as carrots to make them easier to chew.

  • Lots of fresh fruit
    Preparing fresh and fully ripe fruits is one of our human needs. Most people enjoy fruits such as bananas, blueberries or strawberries, which are soft and ideal for painless chewing. We recommend that you avoid eating raw apples with the skin, instead peel it, slice it or drink its juice.

  • Soups
    Soup is a complete and ideal meal for those who have braces. If you have just attached a bracket to your teeth, it is best to eat more soup. In addition to energizing your body, the soup will not harm the brisket and its components as it is not chewed.

  • dairy products
    Dairy products such as yogurt, milk and soft cheeses are all safe. Note that even after consuming these substances, you still have to brush your teeth to ensure the health of your teeth.

  • Certain types of candy in moderation
    While hard candies and sticky sweets should not be consumed, certain types of candies and sweets can be eaten in moderation. Just be careful that after consuming these ingredients, you must brush and mouth Wash.

Foods to Avoid While in Braces Treatment

harmful foods during orthodontics

The main reason for removing harmful foods from your list of consumables is to prevent damage and protect your braces.

Foods that are too hard or sticky can tilt your orthodontic curved wire or break your brackets.

When this happens, your brace becomes ineffective and your treatment will be delayed in addition to the discomfort until the fracture or flexion is repaired

What Kind of Food Should We Eat When Using Orthodontic Braces?

Popcorn and Nuts

Some crunchy foods, such as popcorn, can loosen straps, brackets, and bend orthodontic wires. Popcorn can also get stuck in brace components, accelerating caries and even causing pain in your teeth. In addition to corn, do not eat nuts.

  • Candy

Sugary and sticky foods are always bad for your teeth, even if you do not have braces. But, if you have braces, the problem will get worse. Because sticky foods can get stuck to different components of the brace. Similarly, avoid the following:

  • Types of candies
  • caramel
  • Chewing gum
  • Pickle
  • Some raw vegetables like carrots
  • peanut
  • Digestive
  • Ice
  • Corn

Eating different foods with your front teeth can be a bit of a hassle. Also, avoid corns when you have braces. Because you have to eat it with your front teeth. And may cause the wire to bend or break. Besides, you can not imagine the tiny food that gets stuck in the teeth from eating corn. Similarly, avoid eating the following:

  • Wings
  • Pears and apples
  • pickles
  • Meat ribs
  • Pizza

Foods like pizza that require a lot of chewing can be catastrophic for your braces. They can get stuck in the brackets and may be hard to eat. Avoid foods similar to the following:

  • Large pieces of meat that are not overcooked
  • Hard sweets
  • Smoked meat

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