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Dentures & Partial Plates Etobicoke

Measure patients’ jaws to determine size and shape of dentures required
• Make impressions of patients’ teeth and gums
• Design and construct complete, partial & implant-supported dentures
• Insert & fit new dentures
• Repair dentures
• Reline, rebase, and adjust dentures
• Fabricate mouth guards and bleaching trays
• Prepare partial dentures
• Perform denture cleaning

What to Expect During a Dentures Appointment

These appointments allow us to screen for any unusual developmental patterns in your children early and answer your questions specifically pertaining to your children.
If we discover nothing unusual about their development, these appointments allow your children to have “good” experiences at the dental office.
If and when they do require treatment beyond the regular dental check-ups, they are at least familiar with the surroundings of the dental office, have developed a level of trust with the dentist and staff, and know from previous experiences that they will be treated well.
Dental treatment is often much more difficult in unfamiliar surroundings and provided by strangers when your children are already in discomfort.

Silverhill Dental firmly believe that your oral health directly affects your overall health and we are ready to take care of any of your dental problems.

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Advanced dental equipments

What Will the Dentist Check?

  • Any softening of the tooth enamel or exposed dentine that signals the start of a cavity
  • Any existing cavity will be identified.
  • The dentist will be checking for any swelling or discolouring of the gums which will signal impending gum disease or periodontitis. If the swelling is severe, the dentist will probably prescribe a course of antibiotics to deal with the infection. Dentists also give you advice about improving your teeth cleaning techniques, tailoring the advice in the light of what is going on in your mouth.
  • Dentists are also trained to check for for any abnormal discolouration of oral tissue or suspicious lumps and swellings. These are early warning signs of oral cancer. If anything suspicious is found, your dentist will recommend follow-up treatment, which might include a biopsy to determine whether there is oral cancer or not.
  • X-rays will be taken to check the underlying jaw bone and the portion of the tooth not visible to the naked eye. Again, this will help to identify any developing problems such as bone loss.

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Advanced dental equipments


The complete denture is a device for the treatment of total edentulism that replaces the lost natural teeth and restores the bone structures that have been atrophied over time, after the loss of teeth. That is why it not only serves to improve chewing, but also speech and, especially aesthetics, which are very deteriorated in the toothless patient. It is important to remove the prostheses daily to be able to sanitize them properly.

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implant supported

Implant-Supported Dentures

State-of-the-Art Tooth Replacement

removable denture

Removable Dentures

Low-Tech Tooth Replacement

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