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We provide dental service and we are a dental clinic located in Etobicoke that offer all dental services like emergencies , Orthodontics , Implant , Denture , Cosmetic dentistry to families. If you believe it is time to start making some changes to your smile , we would like to invite you to come and make those dental changes with us. Here at Silverhill Dental in Etobicoke , we provide a variety of regular and emergency dental services , procedures and techniques to suit all patient requirements. If you’re looking for the best pediatric dentist for your children , or want to have your teeth whitened before a special event , our dentists and dental hygienists are here to serve your individual needs. We are here to provide the best of dental services and Helps you take the best care of your teeth .

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Dental Clinic Etobicoke

Dental Examinations

In general, it is better to visit a dentist for a dental check-up to prevent the occurrence of various oral and dental problems, especially in minors and children in two-year intervals. When calling to receive multiple dental services and treatments, the dental specialist obtains the necessary information by asking general questions about the condition of the teeth.

Then the dentist examines all the teeth individually with unique mirrors and probes to look for issues and problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and other issues. In addition, all soft tissues of the mouth, such as gums, tongue, lips and palate, will be examined and screened for oral cancer and other possible problems. Sometimes, the dentist may even investigate the jaw joints and lymph nodes.

Sometimes, detecting oral and dental problems such as decay or eye infection may be challenging. Therefore, in this situation, one of the dental services provided is photography or X-ray of the teeth. Finally, considering all these cases, the dentist will suggest treatment options for any problems.


Dental Services

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Scaling and Teeth Cleaning

One of the types of dental services and treatments is scaling and cleaning teeth. Dental scaling includes the removal of accumulated waste material from the tooth. This debris may consist of food particles, soft plaque (caused by bacterial growth) or hard plaque (caused by the continuous accumulation of plaque and minerals from saliva on the teeth).

Plaque and calculus are the leading causes of gum disease and give teeth an unpleasant appearance. For this reason, even in some cases, such dental services are classified as beauty services. Then the dentist in Etobicoke or hygienist cleans and polishes your teeth using a rotating brush and polishing paste. This helps to treat and prevent gum disease.

Filling Holes and Gaps Between Teeth

Another type of dental service and treatment provided in dental clinics is dental fissure sealants, in which cracks and seams between teeth are filled. Usually, this method will seal the spaces between the teeth using a particular material. This case can be considered as one of the vital dental services.

Sealants protect teeth from decay. Any tooth with a deep groove or gap can be treated, but molars are the most commonly treated teeth. Sealant is a liquid solution placed on the teeth’ surface as a durable plastic material.

It is a physical barrier that prevents food and other bacteria from accumulating in the crevices of the teeth and prevents tooth decay. Fissure sealant is usually recommended for children because it reduces the risk of permanent tooth decay.

Filling Teeth

Dental caries that have caused cavities (holes) in the teeth are treated with dental fillings. This treatment method is one of the most common options among all dental services and treatments. The dentist uses a drill and other tools to remove the decay. The cavity is clean, dry and sealed with filling material.

There are various materials available for tooth fillings. Based on the required fill’s size, shape and location, you will be given the necessary recommendations regarding the most suitable materials. A common choice is a tooth-coloured filling material, which can preserve the beautiful appearance of the tooth as well as restore its shape and function.

Teeth Veneration

One of the types of dental services and treatments is the denervation of teeth or root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is a procedure that replaces damaged or infected tooth pulp with a filling. The “pulp” (often called the dental nerve) is the sensitive tissue that provides oxygen, nutrients, and sensation to the tooth. In the hollow center of the tooth (nerve capsule), this tissue is placed along with blood vessels and nerves.

Trauma or extensive decay can irreversibly damage the pulp, and it may become infected. As a result, this is one of the dental services performed to treat infection and bleeding gums. During root canal treatment, the damaged nerve is removed from the tooth. The dentist cleans and shapes the root canals with drills and small files. The inside of the tooth is cleaned, dried and filled with filling material that goes to the end of the root.

Filling materials (tooth colour or silver) or dental veneers are used for teeth. This also protects the tooth from fracture after root canal treatment. It may be necessary to perform root canal treatment in several sessions; therefore, the number of visits to the dentist for tooth nerve extraction will result in several sessions.

Toothache and Tooth Extraction

One of the types of dental services and treatments is needed after severe toothache. Especially in children or older people, following the intensification of tooth decay and root and gum infection, the defective tooth should be extracted. Therefore, tooth extraction can be introduced as one of the most common dental treatment methods.

Treatment methods are determined depending on the type of tooth, its location, and the severity of the infection. Sometimes it is impossible to extract the tooth quickly, and due to how the roots grow, the defective tooth must be operated. Dental surgery is necessary mainly to remove wisdom teeth.

In some cases, the wisdom tooth may be hidden, or it may grow at an angle. Growth in the side tooth and receding in the gum will also require surgery. Sometimes general anesthesia is needed to perform this dental surgery. Suppose surgery is necessary to remove the tooth. In that case, it must be done by a dental surgeon because of the high sensitivity of this work, and it is related to the sensory-peripheral nerves of the jaw and face.

You can get to know the best dentist in your city through the Doktor system and make an appointment online to perform all kinds of dental services.

Dental Services
Dental Clinic Etobicoke

Teeth Bonding to Repair Damaged Teeth

One of the types of dental services and treatments for repairing damaged teeth is bonding. Co-bonding can treat chipped, cracked, discoloured, or oddly shaped teeth. This treatment method applies a tooth-coloured resin filling to the damaged tooth for a more regular appearance. This resin may need to be replaced over time as it wears or stains. This method is also called tooth transplant.

Dental Veneers to Repair Damaged Teeth

A dental crown is a thin layer of resin or porcelain permanently attached to the front of the tooth. Sometimes the teeth need to be slightly reshaped to make room for the crown. These methods can also be considered dental services for teeth restoration.

Placing crowns on the teeth

This treatment method is also used to repair damaged teeth. In this method, caps are placed on the teeth. Usually, following severe and permanent injuries, the crown of the teeth will be damaged, and their appearance and size will be unbalanced. Therefore, one of the required methods to solve the problem of damaged teeth is crowning the teeth.

In this method, caps are permanently cemented on and connected to the teeth. These veneers cover the entire teeth, and depending on the aesthetic or functional needs, the covering material can be ceramic, metal, or a combination of the two.

Use of Dentures

Dentures replace some or all of your natural teeth and can be removed and reinserted. This case is one of the most common options in dental services and treatments usually received by the elderly. It is also called a dental prosthesis.

An immediate denture can be made while you still have some teeth. This dental prosthesis will exactly replace the removed tooth. Gradually, due to the change in the shape of the jaw bone, the desired dental prosthesis or the artificial tooth may need to be repaired and changed.

For this reason, in another method, a few months after removing the teeth, artificial teeth can be made according to the structure and angles of the jaw. This gives the jawbone time to heal and means the prosthesis can better fit the jaw structure. Dentures must be removed and cleaned daily. It is recommended not to sleep with your dentures and remove them before sleeping.

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